Quitting vs. Giving up

There is a difference between quitting and giving up. Quitting is actually a good thing, or can be a good thing. I think quitting and giving up are two terms that are used in the same way a lot, however there is a distinct difference between them. Quitting is stopping what you’re doing for different […]


When I hear the word vulnerability, my mind immediately thinks that I’m going to get hurt. That I’m opening myself up to be hurt, and I think that often keeps people from doing what they need to. I prefer to use the word authentic. I think if you’re more authentic, it alleviates the fear of […]

How Does Grit Contribute To Success?

Angela Duckworth’s website can answer this question best. Angela Duckworth, the psychologist who wrote the book Grit. She put grit on the map for me. At her website angeladuckworth.com, in her  Q & As she states that “Grit is passion and perseverance for long-term goals. One way to think about grit is to consider what […]

How To Keep Yourself Accountable

Hey what’s up everybody? I wanted to bring this question to you for this week’s newsletter. The question is how do you hold yourself accountable day to day? How appropriate of a question. I was actually just on a podcast called The Food Experience Unplugged podcast, and Michelle actually brought up this exact question. It’s […]

Amazon Best Selling Book- School of Grit

To my Unbeatable Mind family- My first book, School of Grit was published on Tuesday, March 8th and the launch has been extraordinary. I never wrote this book with the intention of being a best seller. I wrote it for my wife and kids as part of a legacy exercise, hoping one day they’d read it when […]

Challenge vs. Recovery

Hey what’s up friends?! Wanted to come to you this week with the newsletter, and the question of the week happens to be, “How do I find the right balance of challenge versus recovery? I often try to go too far, too fast and burn out or break.” Thank you for sending that question and […]

What Is Something I Can Do Each Day To Build A Little Bit Of Grit Everyday?

Hey! What’s up School of Grit?  Today’s question is: How do I build grit; just a little bit of grit everyday? Let me give you a few examples from my own life. So, I try to group everything into 5 different areas.  Physical Mental Emotional Intuition Warrior Spirit I am going to give you 5 […]

What Makes People Step Into Grit?

Hey what’s up everybody? Brad Ritter coming to ya. The question this week is, “what makes someone step into grit?” I can think of two scenarios in which you’re going to be faced with grit. One, is something that’s unforeseen. It’s an event that happens in your life that you have absolutely no control over. […]

Why do I have grit in some areas of my life but not in others? 

What an awesome question this week! This sort of threw me for a loop, I’m not going to lie. I did research on this because I had my own feelings on it. I went to Angela Duckworth‘s website who wrote the book Grit. She said that it’s good to think about what grit is not. […]

How to Portray Grit to an Employer in an Interview

Hey, what’s up my School of Gritters? Wanted to come back at you with this week’s newsletter  So, the question that I want to answer today is, “How do you illustrate to employers in an interview your sense of grit?” Meaning, how do you portray in an interview setting that you’re mentally tough, emotionally resilient. […]

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