How to Portray Grit to an Employer in an Interview

Hey, what’s up my School of Gritters? Wanted to come back at you with this week’s newsletter 

So, the question that I want to answer today is, “How do you illustrate to employers in an interview your sense of grit?” Meaning, how do you portray in an interview setting that you’re mentally tough, emotionally resilient. How can you show them YOU GOT THIS. 

All that good stuff.

So, excellent question! But before I really just give you an answer, it’s more like some questions within a question. Before you get in that interview room or phone call, I would invite you to begin thinking about these three questions before you answer that.

Number One would have to be, 

“What’s the hardest thing you’ve had to fight for in your life?”

Second one coming at ya… 

“What’s the longest you’ve ever worked on a passion project in your life?”

And finally, 

“What’s your top never quit story or stories as it relates to your personal life? Or even something that showed resilience at work?”

That’s probably what an employer is gonna be looking for. Make sure to have those questions, those life experiences and those memories fresh in your head. Definitely you don’t want to sound rehearsed but you also want to be sure you aren’t stumped or caught off guard.  

But, at the end of the day just remember to be you, be authentic. That’s what comes through, that’s what’s going to come through and come across. That energy exchange between you and whoever it is that you’re interviewing with. You are the one they are hiring, you just need to bring out that GRIT and show them what you’ve got and who you are!

So! That’s it from me. Hope this helps you get to the root of that question for ya and gets you ready to crush those interviews and show your grit. As always, keep those questions coming. I love doing this! It’s a lot of fun and I love helping you guys out.

And remember if you need any additional information on what we’ve got going on at School of Grit just check out our website, schoolofgrit.org, and you can find all my contact information there. Please don’t hesitate to reach out. Ever!

Remember. DO HARD THINGS. 

See you next time, my School of Gritters! 

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