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To my Unbeatable Mind family- My first book, School of Grit was published on Tuesday, March 8th and the launch has been extraordinary. I never wrote this book with the intention of being a best seller. I wrote it for my wife and kids as part of a legacy exercise, hoping one day they’d read it when I’m long gone. But at 10:00 am that Tuesday morning, I was officially an Amazon best seller. I couldn’t have achieved this alone, and I needed a team of supporters who would carry the load for their swim buddy. There are simply too many people to thank for their support, but you know who you are. From the book purchases, videos, interviews, reviews, social media messages, personal texts, and emails, etc., I want to give a special HOOYAH! to you all.

My cup is full of gratitude, and we are just getting started at School of Grit. Doors are starting to open that would have otherwise been shut. I don’t know where all of this is going to go, but it’s going to be one hell of a journey. In Mark’s recent post on the Unbeatable Community, he states, ‘the path that scares you most will spur the most growth.’ Had I never signed up for Kokoro Camp 38 back in July of 2015, none of this would have ever happened. I encourage you all to find and sign up for your own School of Grit, whether that’s a SEALFIT event or perhaps something else and find out who you really are. Who knows, you might even surprise yourself.

In closing people often ask me, ‘What would make this book launch a success?’ My reply is that if it can help just one person, then I’ve done my job. Look at the picture below. Now take a closer look behind John. That’s his house. Unfortunately, VUCA hit John and his family square in the face this week. A tornado ripped through New Orleans with little warning and destroyed his house. I don’t know John personally, he’s a friend of a friend (Javier Mesa) but this picture fired me up. That is the definition of Grit and Mental Toughness. Stay gritty my friends, and Do Hard Things!

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School of Grit will show you how to master your inner dialogue, raise your self-imposed ceiling, and condition your mindset to seek purposeful pain and adversity.  

My job is to help you achieve a goal or produce a certain result. I will hold you accountable as well as celebrate your success.

insights to help you grow your grit.

Every Tuesday morning, I share my latest deep-dive insights to help you grow your grit.

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