What Is Something I Can Do Each Day To Build A Little Bit Of Grit Everyday?

Hey! What’s up School of Grit? 

Today’s question is: How do I build grit; just a little bit of grit everyday? Let me give you a few examples from my own life. So, I try to group everything into 5 different areas. 

  1. Physical
  2. Mental
  3. Emotional
  4. Intuition
  5. Warrior Spirit

I am going to give you 5 ways you can start building grit everyday in each one of those realms. Within the physical, let’s just start with waking up early. Waking up early sucks, but it’s a great way to start building grit everyday. You don’t have to do anything crazy, but just try getting up 10, 20, or 30 minutes earlier than you do now. 

Mentally, let’s go with reading. So I’d like you to start reading a book, and just try to do 10 pages every night. Ten pages a night over the course of a month and you’ll have a whole book read! So now, let’s turn to emotional.

How about my old favorite: a crucial conversation. I’m betting each one of you has a conversation that needs to be had with either a family member, someone at work, maybe a friend, you name it. We just keep putting it off. I challenge you to have that crucial conversation today with that person.

Fourth is your intuition, and for that, get outside in nature. Nature is a great way for you to start getting in tune with yourself and your own intuition. 

Last but not least, inside of working on your warrior spirit, I challenge you to sign up for something that scares you, that will push you out of your comfort zone and is also good for you. It could be a race, it could be a degree of some sort, credential, learning a new instrument, or learning a new language. You name it, but I want you to sign up for something that will push you. 

So that’s 5 different ways that you can build your grit each and everyday inside of mental, physical, emotional, intuitional, and your warrior spirit. That’s it for me! Remember, do hard things.

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