What Makes People Step Into Grit?

Hey what’s up everybody? Brad Ritter coming to ya. The question this week is, “what makes someone step into grit?” I can think of two scenarios in which you’re going to be faced with grit. One, is something that’s unforeseen. It’s an event that happens in your life that you have absolutely no control over. Could be, you know, a deadline that gets put on you at work, you’re sick, a family has a disease, you know you’re faced with some sort of adverse event. Something that’s just gonna smack you in the face, you have no clue it’s happening. 

The other, option two, is what I call “purposeful adversity” and that is inviting adversity into your life. But not just any adversity, I’m not talking about things that are gonna harm you, I’m talking about things that are gonna make you better, things that are gonna make you stronger, sharper, more mentally tough and emotionally resilient. And what’s cool in those two different situations is that both of those will draw on your grit and you should be in a habit of having some sort of discipline in place to where you’re practicing your grit every day.

Which leads to another question I get asked all the time and that is, “What’s one way I can just start developing grit right now?” And I tell people the exact same answer every time. I usually ask them, “Well what time do you wake up?” and they tell me about their day and I’m like, “Can you wake a little bit earlier?” and they’re like “Well yeah…” and I say “Well then do it. But here’s the deal: When you wake up earlier, you spend that time on YOU, okay? Self-care is not selfish. So with that extra time in the morning, I want you to focus on yourself and you can do anything you want. It could be stretching, breathing, working out, reading, writing, whatever that is for you but that time is solely intended for you. It’s important to get your mind and get your body into action so that you can control your day because you’re gonna be putting out fires all day but the important thing to do here is to develop your mindset and to develop your body so that you can handle life when it’s tossed your way. I’m not saying it’s going to be easier, but having a foundation or practice of grit is gonna make life a little bit easier. That much I do guarantee!

Keep the questions coming guys. I love answering them and thank you so much for all the awesome reviews I’ve received on amazon so far! I think I’m up to 25. My goal is 50, so if you’re out there and you’ve read the book, please go onto Amazon and leave me a review. 

Catch you guys next time. And remember- DO HARD THINGS!

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