Challenge vs. Recovery

Hey what’s up friends?! Wanted to come to you this week with the newsletter, and the question of the week happens to be, “How do I find the right balance of challenge versus recovery? I often try to go too far, too fast and burn out or break.” Thank you for sending that question and I’m reminded of a principle that the Navy Seals teach and that is the “Crawl, Walk, Run,” principle. Meaning you wouldn’t necessarily jump in the deep in with a lot of weight on and tread water right away, you would build up to that. An example they do is something called “drown proofing”.

Now if you’re not familiar with drown proofing, in BUDS Training it’s when they actually tie the hands behind the individuals back and tie their legs together and they have them do all kinds of, you know, fancy stuff in the water like bobbing up and down retrieving masks, swimming underwater holding your breath, things like that. They don’t start with that though. First, they’ll actually tie your hands together, then they’ll tie your legs together, then they’ll tie your hands AND legs together. So it’s that crawl, walk, run progression. So you can use that when you’re at home training as well.

So let’s say you’re training for a marathon. Well, going out and running a marathon distance the very first week or so is probably not a great idea. Follow that crawl, walk, run methodology and remember when it comes to working out specifically it’s called fitness, not brokenness. The idea is not to break yourself to where you’re incapacitated and can’t work out anymore or can’t walk or can’t do anything. You want to listen to your body and in particular as we get older, recovery becomes even more important. We’re not as agile as we were in our 20’s.

Keep those questions coming in guys. I love answering them. Thank you guys for all your support out there with School of Grit. Just a reminder, I am looking to get 50 reviews in on Amazon so if you’re seeing this and haven’t left me a review yet on the book… I would greatly appreciate it! Go to Amazon and give me some honest feedback. Until next time! Catch you later School of Gritters.

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