Building grit when you feel burned out, tired and run down PT. 2

So I got this question the other day and it’s, “How do you continue to build grit when you feel burned out, tired and run down?” And Hey – we’ve all been there but you gotta remember WHY you’re doing this. Really go back and ask yourself, “Why?” Try to answer those questions of why. […]

Growing Grit In You & Your Kids

What’s up to my School of Grit supporters? I wanted to kick off with the survey I sent out a couple of weeks ago. Thank you to everyone that filled it out. I had a lot of responses, a lot of great questions and comments and I want to pick a weekly question at random […]

Quit the excuses and start taking massive action

It’s easy to sit in the comfort of your own home watching something on TV and tell yourself, “Yeah, I could do that.” It’s a big deal to actually put your skin in the game, sign up, and then go out and achieve it.  I see it all the time, too.  I’ll have conversations with […]

Commit to the daily grind and keep pushing yourself

If you don’t like your current situation, it’s on you to get yourself out. And there is a way out, but it’s uncommon. You have to do the daily work and create the discipline to change. Take time to better yourself and those around you. Focus on others’ needs instead of your own. I see […]

The first step in my journey toward grit

Have you ever seen a TED talk? I’m betting most of you have. But have you ever seen a TED talk that changed your life? Well, in 2014, my life changed forever after watching one on YouTube. I was standing in my master bathroom, looking at myself in the mirror, getting ready to go to […]

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