How To Keep Yourself Accountable

Hey what’s up everybody? I wanted to bring this question to you for this week’s newsletter. The question is how do you hold yourself accountable day to day? How appropriate of a question. I was actually just on a podcast called The Food Experience Unplugged podcast, and Michelle actually brought up this exact question.

It’s still bubbling inside of the old brain here and I can think of two immediate ways you can hold yourself accountable. 

The first thing I go to is as simple as it sounds:

  1. Journaling or Taking Notes – when you’re working out write down how much weight you’re lifting, how long you worked out for, maybe how you felt beforehand, or what the weather was. That way you can see the statistics overtime and see how they’re changing. You can also give yourself a baseline test and see how you’re scoring over the period of quarters, half a year, year after year, etc. 

           Same applies to nutrition! A lot of us think that we eat a certain way however,       in all actuality it’s a little bit different. This one’s hard to do trust me, but write down everything you eat, and everything you drink. Drinking is just as important. Compare that day to day. Do it for a week and see what you come up with! That’s a big challenge.

  1. Find an accountability partner, whether that’s a friend, a spouse, a family member, or even hire a coach! Be truthful. If that accountability partner is doing their job, they’re gonna ask you those tough questions to hold you accountable. That’s what they’re there for, to hold you accountable, and hold your feet to the fire so to speak to make sure that you’re doing what you said you’d do. 

That’s it for me! Keep the questions coming, I love answering them! Thank you so much for all of the reviews I’ve gotten on Amazon. I am trying to get to 50 reviews – I’m almost there so if you haven’t left a review yet on the book, please do so today. Remember, do hard things.

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