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When I hear the word vulnerability, my mind immediately thinks that I’m going to get hurt. That I’m opening myself up to be hurt, and I think that often keeps people from doing what they need to. I prefer to use the word authentic. I think if you’re more authentic, it alleviates the fear of opening yourself up. Thinking I’m not going to get hurt, that I can still be a little guarded when I need to be. Which is important, especially in today’s society, but I’m going to be me. I’m going to be authentic and I’m going to be real, and I’ll open up.  I might not tell you everything, but I will tell you enough. As we get to know each other, and the longer we know each other, it is ok to open up. Am I going to do that right away the first time I meet someone? No, I am not. Unfortunately that’s how relationships are,  you’re judging someone for the first few seconds you’re meeting them. First impressions are all about appearance, how they are dressed, what they smell like, how they talk, all that good stuff. These are all skills we work on here at School Of Grit, integrity, transparency, authenticity, and vulnerability.

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School of Grit will show you how to master your inner dialogue, raise your self-imposed ceiling, and condition your mindset to seek purposeful pain and adversity.  

My job is to help you achieve a goal or produce a certain result. I will hold you accountable as well as celebrate your success.

insights to help you grow your grit.

Every Tuesday morning, I share my latest deep-dive insights to help you grow your grit.

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