How do I overcome my own fear and laziness to do the hard things that require grit?

We are all individuals with difficulties in our lives and those difficulties look different for everyone. I like to think of those difficulties and the things that you should go after are the things that are going to push you past your comfort zone. Those things in the end are really good for you and build character. And even though it’s hard, sometimes we just need to embrace the suck. Because you know what is on the other side of that suck? Strength! That strength has the power to transform your life. 

An important thing to consider is the WHY. It all starts with the why. Figure out what your “why” is and dig deeper into it. You really gotta have a powerful why, in fact you’re probably gonna need to have a bucket full of whys throughout life and those answers can help motivate you and help create good habits and help you reach those goals. To help figure out the WHY there is an easy formula you can do, and that is to ask yourself why 3-5 times. 

So for a personal example, when I had the goal of wanting to write a book I asked myself, “why is that important to me?”. Well for me, I wanted to leave something behind for my wife and kids if i was gone. So then you go, ok, “Why is that important?” That’s where the real ah-ha moment comes. This is when it starts to go deeper and you gotta keep digging deeper, no surface level BS. My deeper why was because of the lessons that I learned at Kokoro camp. Those lessons changed my life and I wanted to make sure that my wife and my kids knew those lessons. It was important to me that they knew about the power that it could have to transform their life. To really 20x their life, right? There is a saying that we are capable of doing 20 times more than we think we are, we just put our self imposed limitations on ourselves.

So my best advice for this question would be to start with the why, and then remember the old saying that “the journey of 1000 miles starts with a single step” OR one of my favorites is, “you don’t have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great.”  Remember if you’ve got a strong why and you got a goal that you’re going after DO IT. Embrace the suck, go after it, DO IT, find an accountability partner and just start habit stacking that stuff! One day after another day turns into a week a month and a month turns into a year and before you know it you won’t even recognize yourself, Plus what were you gonna be doing anyways! 

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