Building grit when you feel burned out, tired and run down PT. 2

So I got this question the other day and it’s, “How do you continue to build grit when you feel burned out, tired and run down?”

And Hey – we’ve all been there but you gotta remember WHY you’re doing this. Really go back and ask yourself, “Why?” Try to answer those questions of why. Be sure to ask yourself three to five times any time you’re doing one thing and that’ll absolutely get you to the heart of it. 

In fact, I advise recording a video of yourself so that you can look back at that video when the times get tough. And remember, when times get tough and you’re tired or you don’t wanna do it anymore… tell yourself, “Good, good. I’m glad this is happening.” Cause that’s where you wanna be. That’s where the real growth happens. That’s when adversity sets in and that’s when you really find out your true character and whether you’re just gonna hang in the towel and quit. Or are you gonna persevere, go around it and move through it? 

So, that’s my advice for that. Just keep going, we all hit those moments. I hit them every week and I just tell myself, “Good. That’s when the training starts. And this is exactly what you want, this is the situation you want, this is when you start to build GRIT. Everybody likes to build grit when it’s a nice, warm, sunny day but when you open up the door and it’s cold or it’s raining or you’re tired and your pillow feels really good and you don’t want to get up- THAT’S when you need to be able to move. Just move, take one step. One step becomes a couple and then before you know it you’re off and running. 

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Remember – DO HARD THINGS! 

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