How do you continue to build grit when you feel burned out, tired and rundown? 


You ever watch the movie A League Of Their Own? Tom Hanks plays the coach, Jimmy, he’s not used to coaching women and their emotions, Dottie is leaving, and he tells her she’s quitting and she says, “It just got too hard.” His response, “It’s supposed to be hard. If it were easy, everyone would do it. The hard…is what makes it great.” 

Don’t worry everyone has been there, whether you’re building a business, training for a marathon, or you have a big work project… we’ve all been there. It’s supposed to be hard. 

The important thing is you’ve got to remember your WHY. Going back to the big picture and going back to your WHY will help to keep you pressing on.

Remember that simple equation, asking yourself why 3-5 times, go back there. Ask yourself why again, do it 3-5 times again. In fact, I strongly advise recording yourself while asking and answering those why’s, then when you have days where you’re tired, you’re burned out, ready to call it quits, pull that video out and watch it. It will take you back to your why, maybe it will even spark some more why’s. 

Remember when times get tough, and you’re tired and you don’t want to do it anymore, tell yourself, “GOOD, GOOD, I’m glad this is happening!” You know why? Cause that’s where you want to be, that’s where the good stuff happens, this is when the growth happens. And this is when adversity sets in, this is where you find out your true character. These hard moments define your character and these hard times are what build your character. In the moments of asking yourself, “Why am I doing this?” you’re gonna find out whether you’re gonna hang up the towel and quit, or if you’re gonna persevere and go around it and move through it. This is where it’s important to really push yourself out of the comfort zone and just keep going. Keep believing in yourself. Along with asking the why, give yourself a pep talk. Build yourself up. 20x right? You can push yourself farther than you think. You are your limitations. If you don’t show up for you, who will? If you need to, hit up your accountability partner, these are the moments they are there for, they know your whys and they will push you to get back in there. 

Remember, you’re not alone, we all have those moments, I have them every week, I just tell myself GOOD. That’s when the training starts, this is when you are building GRIT. Everyone wants to build grit when it’s easy, but it’s when it gets hard that’s when the real magic happens. So keep pressing forward, keep pushing. You got this, YOU CAN DO HARD THINGS! 

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