A Dose of Hope Radio

A Dose of Hope Radio Adoh Radio presents Episode 73: “The Passion to Fight” feat. unsung hero Tanisha Graves and School of Grit author Brad Ritter. VIEW HERE

Bear Essentials Podcast

Bear Essentials Podcast The goal of this podcast is to be positive, informative, interesting, entertaining and maybe even inspiring to some people. VIEW HERE

The Enchilada Nation

The Enchilada Nation This week Marcus has invited Brad Ritter, a fellow graduate of Kokoro Camp and founder and author of School of Grit. Brad speaks about how graduating from Kokoro camp in 2015 inspired him to find a way to serve others and help people take control of their lives and get unstuck. Since […]

Day In Day Out

Day In Day Out Hello, my friends, my life warriors I do hope you are well and good in this fun-loving world. Today on the podcast I was very happy to have Brad Ritter who started the School of Grit after graduating from SEALFit’s infamous Kokoro Camp, which is renowned as the world’s toughest civilian […]

Lead with Trust

Lead with Trust Growth Through Purposeful Adversity VIEW HERE

The Real Estate Unsalesperson

The Real Estate Unsalesperson Developing grit is a key to success in real estate. All the ups and downs, highs and lows, not to mention all the rejection that we face. How can we develop grit? Are some people just born that way or can we learn it? On this episode of The Real Estate […]

Total Potential

Total Potential Ever wondered what you’re really made of? Have you asked yourself what might be possible if you dug just a little deeper? Today’s guest, Brad Ritter, asked himself those questions and then set out to find the answer. In his new book, School of Grit, he shares hard-earned lessons from the toughest civilian […]

The Dad Edge Alliance Fight Club

The Dad Edge Alliance Fight Club Brad talks about how he endured SEALFIT Kokoro training, the world’s premier training event for forging mental toughness. He also talks about his Dad Edge Alliance call team nicknamed the Fight Club, and how he has helped the men in his group develop and grow. VIEW HERE

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