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Day In-Day Out

Day In Day Out

Hello, my friends, my life warriors I do hope you are well and good in this fun-loving world.

Today on the podcast I was very happy to have Brad Ritter who started the School of Grit after graduating from SEALFit’s infamous Kokoro Camp, which is renowned as the world’s toughest civilian training.

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When I hear the word vulnerability, my mind immediately thinks that I’m going to get hurt. That I’m opening myself up to be hurt, and

How Does Grit Contribute To Success?

Angela Duckworth’s website can answer this question best. Angela Duckworth, the psychologist who wrote the book Grit. She put grit on the map for me.

How To Keep Yourself Accountable

Hey what’s up everybody? I wanted to bring this question to you for this week’s newsletter. The question is how do you hold yourself accountable

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