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Our society has become too comfortable and safe, and as a result, we aren’t capable of handling the challenges of life. That’s why #SchoolOfGrit is such an important book. Brad Ritter will show you the lessons he personally learned from the SEALs to develop your grit and strength, so you can face life’s curveballs with determination and a smile.

Brad Ritter knows adversity well, having endured the world’s toughest civilian training and coming out on top. His book #SchoolOfGrit will help you to use purposeful adversity in your own life to become a more resilient, purposeful, and prepared human being.

#SchoolOfGrit is a gamechanger for personal development. Brad Ritter has condensed the lessons he learned from 50+ hours of adversity into one book to help you transform your life from the inside out.


#SchoolOfGrit is THE playbook for anyone looking to get unstuck in their life. It’ll help you discover your calling and the confidence to pursue it.

Discover your purpose, test your limits and live a life that excites you. That’s what you’ll experience when you read #SchoolOfGrit.

Subject Lines

  1. Stuck living a lie?
  2. How To Start Growing Your Grit!
  3. Life Lessons From The SEALs

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Are you stuck living a lie?

Each day is the same boring routine where you’re stuck in the rat race and all sense of meaning and purpose missing from your life.

“Is this how life is meant to be?”

“Am I destined to continue this comfortable but dull forever?”

“Or is there something more to all this?”

There is something more – a new way of living, focused on purpose, growth, and doing hard shit – and my good friend Brad Ritter lays out the path in his new book, “School of Grit”.

==> Push Past Your Comfort Zone And Start Growing Your Grit Today!

Brad is a coach, husband, and proud father on a mission to help people unlock their true potential through purposeful adversity, so they can get unstuck, crush their goals and live their truth.

After completing the world’s toughest civilian training – SEALFit’s Kokoro Camp – he developed his proven system that anyone can use to develop their physical, mental, emotional, intuitional, and warrior spirits.

Inside his eye-opening book, “School of Grit”, Brad will teach you the lessons he learned from the SEALs so you can...

  • Develop emotional control, resilience, and mental toughness.
  • Discover your true calling in life.
  • Learn what you’re truly capable of.
  • Achieve all your goals.
  • Take control of your life.

Bruce Lee once said, “Don’t pray for an easy life. Pray for the strength to endure a difficult one”.

In “School of Grit, Brad Ritter will give you the tools, techniques, and strategies to build the strength you need to be a source of security, power, and safety for your people.

Click here to order your copy today and prepare to see your life completely transform.

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